Clod crusher - Kerner, Josef - Free Patents Online 16/03/1994· The clod crusher is an accessory for ploughs of all types of construction, especially for general-purpose and reversible ploughs, which is fastened laterally to . plow and clod crusher - gtbsansthan. disc plough, subsoil plough, chisel plough and other similar implements. ... implements include different types of harrow, cultivators, levellers, clod crushers etc. Get Price E-Mail: [email protected] Clod crusher as fitment for reversible plough, . 27/03/1997· A leveller bar (3) fitted with clod crusher implements on the upper and lower side is suspended by means of two parallel swivel arms (2) from the support frame (1) formed or mounted on the plough frame. Besides Plow And Clod Crusher - Mason Waugh Wahwah plough and cultivators and Shabash plough and cultivators were manufactured besides hand implements like hoe ... besides plow and clod crusher ...    Read More